Elspeth Bennie runs an artist blacksmithing company producing sculpture and contemporary metalwork. The traditional methods of blacksmithing, heating up the metal in a forge and forming it while hot are still used but are complemented by new techniques such as plasma and laser cutting to increase the scope of creative expression.

Steel is a versatile material and when hot very malleable which lends itself to forms that fabrication is unable to achieve and although more labour intensive and hence more expensive than fabrication, the innovation, quality and attention to detail show in the finished product which will last a life-time.

Elspeth undertakes a wide variety of sculpture, public art and domestic and architectural metalwork. Most of the work is bespoke, creating pieces specifically for the client. As an artist, her design led approach means than the piece can be integrated well with its finished surroundings at both an aesthetic and functional level.

Copper, brass, stainless steel and cast iron may also be used and we can incorporate other media such as wood, stone, ceramics or glass.

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e. elspethbennie@me.com